Mad Cow and BBird Together Again



There’s nothing like working with creative people you love! We reunited with the incredibly talented Mad Cow team on a brand new television pilot for Nickelodeon called “The 5th Hour.”

The approach was brilliantly simple but hilarious: add a “Daily Show” take to the ubiquitous morning talk show format. We took over a studio familiar with daytime television sets, rocked four cameras and a Technocrane for a multi cam shoot, and then unleashed the comedic talents of Lauren Weedman and Molly Erdman on a host of real world guests.

Produced by Madeleine Smithberg and Sarah North
Execution by Mad Cow Productions and Butcher Bird Studios
Directed and Edited by Steven Calcote
Motion Graphics and Visual Effects by Jason Milligan

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Mad Cow Teams with Butcher Bird


We just had a blast shooting a comedy-reality pilot presentation for Mad Cow Productions and BBC America. Can’t say too much about it yet.. On the QT and very Hush-Hush. I mean, we could tell you more, but then Butcher Bird Black Ops would have to come to your house…

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