Gotta Get Back in Time


Butcher Bird’s mostly glabrous Michael Shlain brings you a touching tale of nature vs. nurture and scientist vs. baby just in time for Memorial Day. Penned by (and starring) Chris Pearson, Back to the Fuhrer finally answers the question of how time travel should best be utilized to deal with the Hitler Problem.

Also starring Joe Smith. Cinematographic stylings by Nick Novotny. Production design wizardry by Morgan McShea. Sound Design funk-overload by Ben Chan. Visual FX-citement by Jason Milligan. End Credits Music by Max Raabe & Palast Orchester. Shot at Monkey Kingdom Productions with huge thanks to Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt. Produced by Butcher Bird Studios.

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An Excellent Adventure


This weekend, we wrapped photography on BACK TO THE FUHRER, a comedy short written by and starring Chris Pearson (two-time-Emmy-nominated creator of DAN VS.), Joe Smith  and featuring the Cinematographic stylings of Nick Novotny and Production Design MacGuyvery of Morgan McShea who created the amazing time-travel device seen above. And who is the young’un, you ask? All will be revealed in time when this little ditty hits the streets.



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