Twitch Sings: Stream Star Series

American Idol, done Twitch-style! Choose your singing champion!

The popularity of the Twitch Sings karaoke app gave rise to Stream Star, a competition that featured the best of the Twitch Sings community. In 2018, Stream Star was simply a stage event at TwitchCon. But for 2019, Twitch wanted to go bigger, and make it feel more like American Idol. So Butcher Bird developed a six-week, semi-finals run-up to the big show at TwitchCon. Each episode featured three hopefuls (calling in via video chat from locations around the world), and the audience rated their performances—via a brand-new extension—helping to decide which singer would go to the finals.

“…clip montages of honorable mentions, an incredible duets segment, and a lot of energy and passion from the community.”

The episodes also featured clip montages of honorable mentions, an incredible duets segment, and a lot of energy and passion from the community. Highlighting one of the up-and-coming communities on Twitch and giving new musical talent the opportunity to be heard was incredibly fun and inspiring, with great twists and surprises as the chat feed selected some talented newcomers over more established community favorites.

Get a taste of the show here:

Episode 1
Episode 2

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