Crowe's Nest Live

A live improvised sitcom with Reggie Watts!

What has nine cameras (not counting VR cameras!), multiple sets, a zillion cables and wires, three amazing improv actors and 30 minutes to make an impression with audiences? “Crowe’s Nest LIVE with Reggie Watts”! We teamed up with Reggie to bring the Crowe’s Nest skit from his SPATIAL Netflix special to new life as a fully improvised, live sitcom. Working with partners such as Super Deluxe and Digital Domain to create an exciting, interactive and immersive live experience, Butcher Bird Studios gave viewers a chance to engage in an innovative comedy experience…which is nothing less than what we expect from the incomparable Reggie Watts!

“Reggie Watts and his team learned to speak sitcom and used this skill to cast its hypnotic magic over a waiting online audience in real time…”

The FAMILY SITCOM is so ingrained in our squeakyclean American cultural landscape that it’s pretty much its own language, replete with its own cadences, internal logic, and chasmal distance from reality. REGGIE WATTS and his team of improvisers have learned to speak sitcom, and used this skill to cast its hypnotic magic over a waiting online audience in real time… in a live episode of CROWE’S NEST!

On THURSDAY, MAY 24th AT 9 PM Reggie Watts and Butcher Bird Studios streamed a fully-improvised episode of Watts’ CROWE’S NEST, first featured on his hit Netflix special Spatial. The episode reunited the original cast: REGGIE WATTS (The Late Late Show with James Corden; Comedy Bang! Bang!), RORY SCOVEL (I Feel Pretty; Those Who Can’t) and KATE BERLANT (High Maintenance; Another Period). It was executive produced by LUIS REYES and directed by STEVEN CALCOTE.

The show was 100% improvised – and the first of its kind in the live streaming domain. No script or dialogue had been set up beforehand. The cast arrived a few minutes before the show began and the rest was a spontaneous display of improv magic.

The PRE-SHOW started about 8 PM and featured the set and the crew prepping while BUTCHER BIRD STUDIOS crew members talked through the whole process. A POST-SHOW directly followed the episode that was just as improvised as the show itself!

CROWE’S NEST streamed through YouTube via Watts’ YouTube page, as well as several other streaming platforms, including SUPER DELUXE, who provided an interactive social media overlay. DIGITAL DOMAIN streamed a VR version live.

BUTCHER BIRD STUDIOS streamed the event live from its Glendale studio. Also involved was production designer GARY KORDAN as a set consultant, and ANNA WENGER (Billy on the Street; Brockmire) as a consulting producer.

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