Project Description


FORMAT: Online Documentary/Outdoor Series
CONTENT: 16 episodes

Portable power company TYLT hired Butcher Bird Studios to help them move into the branded content realm. We created 2 web-series (16 episodes total) to help them share their “Extend Your Life” and “Live Untethered” slogans in an entertaining and inspiring way. Our solution was Untethered: My Passion and Untethered: On The Road.

Untethered: My Passion profiles 9 intriguing individuals striving to live their dreams. We travel into the worlds of BASE jumping, car racing, camera trapping, illustration, comic-books, photography, and more.

Untethered: On The Road features Butcher Bird co-founder Jason and his partner, Erika, traveling across 42 U.S. States in 55 days and 7 episodes. They show us the sorts of adventures one can pursue across 13,510 continental miles while living out of a car—working from the road—powering their pursuits with TYLT products.