Project Description

Reggie Watts: Crowe’s Nest Live

CLIENT: Reggie Watts
FORMAT: Improvised Sitcom
CONTENT: 30 minute live-stream

What has nine cameras (not counting VR cameras!), multiple sets, a zillion cables and wires, three amazing improv actors and 30 minutes to make an impression with audiences? “Crowe’s Nest LIVE with Reggie Watts”! We teamed up with Reggie to bring the Crowe’s Nest skit from his SPATIAL Netflix special to new life as a fully improvised, live sitcom. Working with partners such as Super Deluxe and Digital Domain to create an exciting, interactive and immersive live experience, Butcher Bird Studios gave viewers a chance to engage in an innovative comedy experience…which is nothing less than what we expect from the incomparable Reggie Watts!