Butcher Bird Studios

Meet Our Team

Founded by five unique directors and creators, the Butcher Bird family is always growing. Meet our team of innovators:

Travis Stevens

Travis Stevens is an award winning director and writer who grounds his work in real life experiences. His past includes time in the Army, work as an EMT, harvesting eye organ tissue, and positions in the entertainment industry for companies like Nickelodeon and Crossroad Films. His filmmaking skillset crosses disciplines from producing to editing and everything in between. This experience allows him to run sets energetically and efficiently, delivering jobs on time and on budget while reaching for the stars creatively.

Steven Calcote

Steven Calcote is an award-winning director with a passion for great storytelling, world building, and exploring humanity’s relationship with technology. An expert in the latest digital filmmaking technologies, animation, visual effects, and interactivity, Steven continues to push the envelope for original entertainment. He is a member of the Producer's Guild of America and serves on the executive committee of the Television Academy’s Interactive Peer Group.

Luis A Reyes

Luis Reyes develops work that comes from the intersection of media and strives to break conventional notions of content and form. He oversaw the creation of manga based on brands such as Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and CSI, while bringing hundreds of books to market for Tokyopop. He launched an internal content division that developed branded shows for game giant Nexon. Luis joined Butcher Bird in 2013 and has expanded its roster of clients to include the live streaming juggernaut Twitch, among many others.

Michael Shlain

Michael Shlain knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men. A former agent turned writer-director, his work has traversed the realms of comedy, high-tech action and the inner world of dreams and nightmares. Whether shooting on an aircraft carrier or the streets of Paris, Shlain brings a blend of creative vision, business savvy, and panache to every production. He can also mix one hell of a Manhattan.

Jason B Milligan

Pixel Sergeant Jason Milligan guides the visual look of Butcher Bird Studios. His experiences span the fields of animation, design, visual effects, comic books, TV news, puppetry, directing, and adventure filmmaking. An avid outdoorsman, he is most happy when least comfortable and proficient shooting in unforgiving locations. Jason is also the creator of the G.O. Get Outside brand and the host of its podcast series.

Lillian Diaz-Przybyl

Producer, Creative Development

Lillian just plain loves making content. As co-EP on Butcher Bird’s first narrative series, Orbital Redux, she is inspired by finding new ways to tell stories and engage audiences as partners in the creative process. A multi-media fiend who is passionate about online communities and fandom engagement, Lillian particularly loves working with narratives that inspire creativity, represent diversity, and give hope for a brighter future.

MeeRa Kim


A curious wanderer, MeeRa focuses her resources on discovering stories through travel and quietly observing interactions. Utilizing constantly evolving technology, she gained experience working in expanding mediums of entertainment including 360 video, digital streaming, live theater, et. al.

Griffin "Griffy D" Davis

Producer/Tech Director

Multi-threat Griffin Davis has produced, directed, and technical directed numerous productions for Twitch, Critical Role, The Groundlings, Legendary Digital, and Intuit Quickbooks. While his primary expertise focuses on broadcast switching tech, he is also familiar with cameras, lighting, and managing talent. He particularly enjoys being on comedy sets and is the co-head for the video sketch comedy group, Probably a Cult.