New Reel Time! Pow!


Strap on your adult diapers and peep through your vision enhancing glass eye doohickey seeing contraptions, it’s time for a new Butcher Bird Studios showreel! You thought we were dead. Bitch, please! We are at least 75% mostly alive and breathing air composed primarily of nitrogen with a twist of oxygen and a bunch of other crazy shit like Argon, Carbon Dioxide, and Neon (yeah that shit that makes strip club signs glow) just like everyone else that isn’t cremated, buried, or otherwise post-living occupied. We’ve been busy scratching rashes, making videos, and crapping out ridiculous confusing run-on sentences on internet worldwide web interactive digital superhighway machines across the globe. Shit, son (and daughter-types), watch the damn video already. It’s up over this meandering paragraph.

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