Nexon Releases Zombie Game


Finally a Facebook game that is actually a game. Nexon will be releasing a zombie-themed tower defense game shortly. I love combing live-action and 2D animation and this spot was a great opportunity to do that. It’s pretty fun too. Watch it!

Written, Directed, and Edited by: Jason B Milligan and Luis A Reyes
Producer: Luis Reyes and Nexon America
Director of Photography: Steven Moreno
Post & Production Sound: Benjamin Chan
Original Music: Dan Marfisi

Anemone Seransky
Troy Lewter
Chloe Monroe

Yuri Lowenthal
Luis Reyes
Troy Lewter

VFX, Compositing, and Motion Graphics: Jason B Milligan
Character Animation: Zombie Misfits Team
Additional Animation: Jason B Milligan

Shot on location at Chan Ranch
Shot on AF100

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More Combat Arms Shorts


Back in June, it was my turn to direct the newest Combat Arms shorts. We shot three over the weekend. The First, “Name Callin'” is embedded above. The other two should release in the future (initiially within episodes of Blabberbox). These were fun to do and I look forward to seeing them hit the internet. Below are some production stills care of Kirill Popov. (or you can look through more photos on Facebook).


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More Good Stuff From Nexon


We’ve been keeping busy helping Nexon bring their various game characters into the “real” world. Blabberbox continues to move ahead, the fourth half-hour episode should release soon. Included in this post are a small sample of the videos we’ve been producing for Nexon.


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MapleStory Introduces Three New Character Classes


MapleStory is one of the world’s most popular free-to-play online games. When it came time to advertise a new set of character classes, Nexon’s creative video maven, Luis Reyes, challenged us to take a different approach than just unleashing some flashy animation (although that’s certainly cool too!)

So… what if these new characters had to actually audition for the job? How would they handle the casting process? Hilarity ensues. And violence. Make that hilarious violence. And a giant walking robot.

Produced by Butcher Bird Studios
Directed by Steven Calcote
Written by Luis Reyes
Visual Effects by Jason Milligan

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Nexon Releases New Half Hour Web Series


Nexon Blabberbox is a pilot show developed by Butcherbird exclusively for Nexon America.

A heavily segmented show that mixes game updates and background information with original content in a format designed to entertain as well as engage it’s targeted demographic.

The overall show was directed by Travis Stevens, with each individual Butcherbird Michael Shlain, Steven Calcote and Jason Milligan contributing as segment directors.

Shot on Sony EX3’s by Robb Webb.

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