Nexon Releases Zombie Game


Finally a Facebook game that is actually a game. Nexon will be releasing a zombie-themed tower defense game shortly. I love combing live-action and 2D animation and this spot was a great opportunity to do that. It’s pretty fun too. Watch it!

Written, Directed, and Edited by: Jason B Milligan and Luis A Reyes
Producer: Luis Reyes and Nexon America
Director of Photography: Steven Moreno
Post & Production Sound: Benjamin Chan
Original Music: Dan Marfisi

Anemone Seransky
Troy Lewter
Chloe Monroe

Yuri Lowenthal
Luis Reyes
Troy Lewter

VFX, Compositing, and Motion Graphics: Jason B Milligan
Character Animation: Zombie Misfits Team
Additional Animation: Jason B Milligan

Shot on location at Chan Ranch
Shot on AF100

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2011 WeHo Book Fair TVC


The City of West Hollywood didn’t learn their lesson last year. They invited us back to produce a new TV spot for their Tenth Annual Book Fair. They even agreed to an over-the-top post-apocalyptic world devoid of books populated by cowboys.

Starring: Daisuke Kinouchi and Yuri Lowenthal
Featuring: Michael Lanahan, Lillian Diaz-Przybyl, Oriana Small, Liz Itkins, Roz Helfand, Gary Phillips, Steven Acosta, and Michael Che

Producers: Travis Stevens, Michael Shlain, Steven Calcote, Jason Milligan, Roz Helfand, Tyson Cornell
Director of Photography: Jake Avignone
Assistant Camera: Steven Moreno
Gaffer: Tyler Hart
Line Producer: Nicholas Veneroso
Production Sound/Post Sound: Benjamin Chan
Wardrobe: Stephanie Stevens
Hair/Make-up: Kady Alatriste
Production Assistant: Joe Woodle
Grip/Stills Photography: Kirill Popov
Writer/Director/VFX: Jason Milligan

Shot on Canon 60D
Edited and Composited with Adobe products

Special Thanks:
The City of West Hollywood, Rare Bird Lit, Amy Calcote, Carrie LaFerle Gergely, Corey Roskin, Chloe Geschwind, Lillian Batts, John Madrid, Megan Hobza, Sara Bond, Rachel Bean, Guy Lande, Izze Feinstein, Davin Weinzimmer, Juan Liao, Reina Martinez, Elisabeth Sandberg, Astrid Virding, Erika Terriquez, Marisa Terriquez, and anyone else involved.

Behind the Scenes photos on Facebook

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Interstitials for Genetic Technology


What happens when you combine cinema with the traditional four walls of a stage production? In the case of the world premiere of the new play “The Limitations of Genetic Technology,” you immerse the audience more deeply into the future.

With four projectors running simultaneously for the entire length of the play, audiences watched the stage open up into genetic labs, an opera house of the future, a high tech residence designed by Tokyo-based Rui Kyo, and more.

Before the play started and at Intermission, we ran over fifteen minutes of original commercials, industrials, and other content that featured the fictitious company at the heart of the play, “Global Cytodynamics.” By the end, the audience did more than watch the world of the play; they lived it.

Produced by Butcher Bird Studios
Directed by Steven Calcote
Inspired by Luis Reyes’s “The Limitation of Genetics Technology”

Global Cytodynamics YouTube Page

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2010 WeHo Book Fair


The four of us forming Butcher Bird Studios have been working together for a while now. But, this project will always hold a special spot for me. It was our first official gig as Butcher Bird Studios. The City of West Hollywood hired us to bring a fresh look to the television ad for their Ninth Annual Book Fair.

Moodoo Puppets and Upright Citizens Brigade’s Luka Jones. Sounds like a good time.

Starring: Luka Jones and Terrence, the Space Monkey
Puppeteer: Michael Moodoo of Moodoo Puppets

Producer/Digital Transfer: Michael Shlain
Producer/Assistant Director: Steven Calcote
Producer: Travis Stevens
Director of Photography: Chris Ernst
Production Sound/Post Sound: Benjamin Chan
Wardrobe: Stephanie Stevens
Hair/Make-up: Joanna Berdzinska
Production Assistant: Nicholas Veneroso
Production Assistant: Kevin Bellante
Stills Photography: Paul Ehrlich
Director/Producer/VFX: Jason Milligan (Fourchinnigan)

Shot on Canon 7D
Edited and Composited with Adobe products

Special Thanks:
The City of West Hollywood, Rare Bird Lit, Luis Reyes, Tyson Cornell, Yuri Lowenthal, Tara Platt, Steven Moreno, Alisa Schulz, Amy Calcote, Roz Helfand, Carrie LaFerle, Corey Roskin, and anyone else involved.

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