Nexon Releases New Half Hour Web Series


Nexon Blabberbox is a pilot show developed by Butcherbird exclusively for Nexon America.

A heavily segmented show that mixes game updates and background information with original content in a format designed to entertain as well as engage it’s targeted demographic.

The overall show was directed by Travis Stevens, with each individual Butcherbird Michael Shlain, Steven Calcote and Jason Milligan contributing as segment directors.

Shot on Sony EX3’s by Robb Webb.

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About the Author:

Travis Stevens is an award winning director and writer working in Hollywood, CA. Grounding his work in real life experiences, Travis’ past jobs have included time in the Army, working as an EMT, harvesting tissue for an eye organ donor clinic, as well as in the entertainment industry for companies like Nickelodeon, Crossroad Films and Monkey Kingdom Productions. His professional filmmaking experience crosses through various disciplines from producing to editing and just about everything in between. It’s this experience that helps him run sets energetically and efficiently, delivering jobs on time and on budget while reaching for the stars creatively.