An Excellent Adventure


This weekend, we wrapped photography on BACK TO THE FUHRER, a comedy short written by and starring Chris Pearson (two-time-Emmy-nominated creator of DAN VS.), Joe Smith  and featuring the Cinematographic stylings of Nick Novotny and Production Design MacGuyvery of Morgan McShea who created the amazing time-travel device seen above. And who is the young’un, you ask? All will be revealed in time when this little ditty hits the streets.



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About the Author:

Michael Shlain was born in Odessa, Ukraine at the twilight of Communist rule and ever since, has had a problem with authority and fur hats. Shlain began his professional career as a literary agent and manager before heeding the persistent cries of his soul and returning to his roots as a filmmaker. Shlain attended Werner Herzog’s 2014 Rogue Film School, The Maine Media Workshops, and trained as an actor in improv comedy and the Meisner Technique. He can also mix one hell of a Manhattan.