About Jason Milligan

Jason B Milligan was born in the swamplands of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His youth was spent wrestling alligators and fighting Poison Oak. Upon reaching adulthood, he was exiled for refusing to marry his cousin. His dark talents can be witnessed in varied incarnations including animation, comics, visual effects, motion graphics, puppetry, and print design. Clients have included Ticketmaster, Nerdist, WBRZ, Duncan Toys, TOKYOPOP, and Fox Television. Jason now resides in Los Angeles, CA where rumor has it the devil was born.

Gettin’ Topsy


Butcher Bird and Monkey Kingdom just can’t get enough of each other. We’re like oil and vinegar, fire and gunpowder, Sonny and Cher, some cool singer and some other cool singer. Regardless, Travis just spent the last two weekends directing “a swashbuckling steampunk short with Yuri, Tara, and John de Lancie.” Expect more updates and photos as it moves through post in 2014.


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Lakes and Copters


We have continued to experiment with the DJI Phantom Quadcopter mounted with a GoPro Hero 3 on a Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal (I’m glad I typed that and didn’t have to say it out loud). A few weeks ago, the four of us spent the weekend backpacking through the Ansel Adams Wilderness field-testing the copter along with some other gear. Travis and Shlain each cut together some of the test footage into two videos evoking very different moods.



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Marty at Citrus Cel


Will you be in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday, April 6th? If so, you should stop by the Citrus Cel Animation Festival and watch The Many Maladies of Marty Mitchell on the big screen. It is one of the selections in the “Vitamin C” block at noon. Unfortunately I cannot attend, but I hope lots of folks will be introduced to the world of “Many Maladies.”

If that is too far for you to drive, skip, swim, or pogo-stick you can always watch it online. It’s embedded at the top of this post, dummy.


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New Reel Time! Pow!


Strap on your adult diapers and peep through your vision enhancing glass eye doohickey seeing contraptions, it’s time for a new Butcher Bird Studios showreel! You thought we were dead. Bitch, please! We are at least 75% mostly alive and breathing air composed primarily of nitrogen with a twist of oxygen and a bunch of other crazy shit like Argon, Carbon Dioxide, and Neon (yeah that shit that makes strip club signs glow) just like everyone else that isn’t cremated, buried, or otherwise post-living occupied. We’ve been busy scratching rashes, making videos, and crapping out ridiculous confusing run-on sentences on internet worldwide web interactive digital superhighway machines across the globe. Shit, son (and daughter-types), watch the damn video already. It’s up over this meandering paragraph.

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BBird Produces DeStorm Video for Ubisoft


If you haven’t heard of DeStorm Power yet, you will. He is one of the most talented rappers on YouTube and a talented guy. Above is a video we produced for Bigframe and Ubisoft featuring DeStorm and Ubisoft’s new game, the Hip Hop Dance Experience.

Starring – DeStorm Power and Andrew Bachelor
Dancers – Monica Ramirez and Carly Anderson
Beat by – Owen Hill Jr.
Executive Producer – Mike Rotman
Director/Editor/VFX – Jason Milligan
Producer/Assistant Director – Michael Shlain
Producer – JJ Mayes 
Director of Photography – Steven Moreno
Production Sound/Sound Mix – Benjamin Chan
Assistant Camera – Nick Novotny
Gaffer – Daniel Gomez
Makeup – Kady Alatriste
Production Assistant – Mike Cordaro

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Many Maladies Goes Live


The kids’ show I was working on for the last few years in my apartment is now online. If you are curious to find out more about it, go to ManyMaladies.com. I’m pretty excited to finally be able to show it to everyone.

The Many Maladies of Marty Mitchell is the story of a young boy who can’t seem to pass a day without encountering trouble. There is always some sort of malady complicating his life. Luckily, he has many friends such as the Seers who live in the Intergalactic Bathroom and the Fridge Landers to help him solve each malady while being educated along the way.

Cristian Naranjo is Marty Mitchell
Created By Fourchinnigan (Jason B. Milligan)
Post Sound – Composer – Sound Design By Benjamin Chan
Narrated By Tara Platt

Steven Calcote
Michael Dowell
Jon Gormley
Yuri Lowenthal
Erika Terriquez
Alessandra Naranjo
Adrian Naranjo
Julian Gomez

Production Crew:
Steven Calcote
Rui Kyo
Patrick Neighly
Erika Terriquez

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Nexon Releases Zombie Game


Finally a Facebook game that is actually a game. Nexon will be releasing a zombie-themed tower defense game shortly. I love combing live-action and 2D animation and this spot was a great opportunity to do that. It’s pretty fun too. Watch it!

Written, Directed, and Edited by: Jason B Milligan and Luis A Reyes
Producer: Luis Reyes and Nexon America
Director of Photography: Steven Moreno
Post & Production Sound: Benjamin Chan
Original Music: Dan Marfisi

Anemone Seransky
Troy Lewter
Chloe Monroe

Yuri Lowenthal
Luis Reyes
Troy Lewter

VFX, Compositing, and Motion Graphics: Jason B Milligan
Character Animation: Zombie Misfits Team
Additional Animation: Jason B Milligan

Shot on location at Chan Ranch
Shot on AF100

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