About Griffin Davis

Griffin Davis is the roving assistant of Butcher Bird Studios and a graduate of the Literature program at the College of Creative Studies at UCSB. While at college, he wrote for the satire magazine Gaucho Marks and became the editor-in-chief his junior year. He has interned for a Bollywood post production sound house in Mumbai, India, as well as for Literature for Life, an educational literary journal here in Los Angeles.

Butcher Bird Featured on the Faster Together Podcast

Steven Calcote and Luis Reyes spend some time with our friends at Lumaforge breaking down the new media landscape, and how brands can break through in live and interactive engagement when more traditional forms of media are becoming less effective

Watch Luma Forge Faster Together Podcast Episode 2 with Buthcer Bird!

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Okay, so we just did something a little crazy—and now that it’s all over, we’re finally allowed to talk  about it…

On July 15th and July 16th , otherwise known as Amazon Prime Day (AKA one of the biggest global sales events this side of Christmas), Butcher Bird Studios teamed up with live-stream-gaming juggernaut Twitch to produce a live QVC-style home-shopping show lovingly titled TWITCH SELLS OUT: A Prime Day Special Event. 

TWITCH SELLS OUT was hosted by a rogue’s gallery of Twitch’s top streamers including JERICHO, AnneMunition, Ezekiel_III (and many more) who ballyhooed over 100 Prime Day products and deals over the course of an uninterrupted 36 hour live stream from our Glendale studio. 

Collaborating with Twitch’s creative team,  Butcher Bird Studios wrote, produced, and executed this commercial extravaganza utilizing three overlapping production units and the latest in live-streaming know-how.  Throughout the stream, we kept Twitch’s fervent audience engaged with interactive polls, games and chat integration. The result was an unprecedented cocktail of direct marketing, influencer muscle and spontaneous live silliness. 


During the witching hours between 10PM – 10AM, selling out took a rest, but we kept the stream going with a night of periodic gags which ranged from the subtle to the weird. Highlights included a live reading of Moby Dick, a ghost haunting and an interactive midnight snack. 

Butcher Bird also produced the video promo campaign leading up to the main event which ran on Twitch’s ad stream and social channels. Finally, we created a series of pre-recorded interstitials and merch commercials which played periodically throughout the show, as well as generating social content on the fly. 

When all was said, sold and done, TWITCH SELLS OUT exceeded expectations in key metrics. Stay tuned for a further case study write-up, but in the meanwhile, our (purple) hats are off to all of our many collaborators and illustrious magic-making crew who made this possible.


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IN A FOREIGN TOWN Premieres Internationally and Drops a TRAILER!

We are  delighted to announce (or as we say in French, “Nous sommes ravis d’annoncer”)  that IN A FOREIGN TOWN, our short horror film based on the works Thomas Ligotti, will be having its International Premiere at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF).

Since not everyone we know can make it to Brussels… we’ve decided to release the trailer for the film to the world for the very first time. You can check it out below.


For those who are able to make it to Belgium, the screening will take place on Tuesday, April 16th at 8:00 PM at the Bozar Palace in Brussels.

TICKETS can be purchased on the BIFFF website.

Written and Directed by Michael Shlain, IN A FOREIGN TOWN stars Yuri Lowenthal (SPIDER-MAN PS4), Tony Amendola (ONCE UPON A TIME, ANNABELLE), David Rees Snell (S.W.A.T., THE SHIELD) and Jack McGraw (GODLESS).

The short is a proof-of-concept prequel for an anthology series that we are developing and will be presenting at the Canneseries In Development Forum next week.

In the meantime, to learn more about Thomas Ligotti and order his books, visit Penguin Random House.


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Butcher Bird Studios Changes Media Landscape Forever with EARTH SHATTERING Interactive Cat Pee Video!!!1

Check out our newest interactive project for client Buzzfeed via innovative interactive platform Eko, “Pickles goes to Silverlake”.

In quite possibly the most important piece of creative we’ve ever taken on, Pickles the Cat needs to get to Silverlake to pee in his litterbox, and the viewer uses the interactive platform Eko to navigate Pickles through a harrowing incident with the police, a painful conversation with an eco-conscious hipster, and clogged LA freeways. 

Director Jason Milligan took 5 minutes off from saving the planet to say this about the video; “I fought through my cat allergies to complete this project because I knew that this is a video that the world NEEDED TO SEE. The lessons the audience learns while helping Pickles drive a car to pee in a nice place are so pivotal, primal, and profitable to the people whom inhabit this rock we call Earth that I was willing to risk my own life in order to make this happen.”

We built over 20 nodes for this interactive video so that each viewer will have a unique adventure with Pickles. This means that your decisions MATTER, and that this is not a task that you should take lightly, because if you cause Pickles to eat CBD infused cat-nip at the wrong time, the cat could end up in jail, living with an annoying hipster, or even worse, peeing all over the side of the road. Give it a whirl here to see if you are able to get Pickles to Silverlake before the cat’s bladder bursts!

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IN A FOREIGN TOWN goes to Cannes

We are deliriously elated to announce that IN A FOREIGN TOWN has been officially selected as one of 6 projects to participate in the 2019 In Development creative forum in Cannes, co-organized by MIPTV and CANNESERIES.

Created by Michael Shlain and based on the stories of acclaimed author Thomas Ligotti, IN A FOREIGN TOWN is a surreal horror anthology that explores the hidden anxieties of modern existence.

Our proof-of-concept short film of the same name premiered at the 2018 LA SHORTS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and is currently making festival rounds worldwide.

In Development is designed to act as an accelerator for content discovery and development, and offers the opportunity to producers and creators to fast-track new drama projects at an international level.

We look forward to working with the CANNESERIES and MIPTV team, and to bringing Thomas Ligotti’s terrifying and timely vision to an international audience.


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Reggie Watts Spacetalk Interactive ADR Video Challenge

Butcher Bird Studios Presents

The Reggie Watts’ SpaceTalk Interactive

ADR Video Challenge

We made a PSA for Reggie Watts on a spaceship. It needed some ADR. We had an idea.

Why don’t we reach out to you and see how you complete the sketch by performing with Reggie and dropping in your own audio?

Reggie recorded a version with his friend Michael Portnoy, which you can check out HERE.

Now why don’t you try one for yourself!

It’s easy!

  1. Download THIS video
  2. Add your own half of the conversation with Reggie Watts
  3. Post your video to Instagram with the hashtags #reggievideochallenge





If we really like your video, we may reach out to you about including it on REGGIE’S YOUTUBE PAGE  sometime in the next few weeks.


And of course, be sure to follow Reggie on INSTAGRAM 





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Revolutionizing Post-Production with Lumaforge


Thanks to our friends at Lumaforge and their spectacular editorial server product Jellyfish, we were able to create a revolutionary collaborative workflow during post-production on a project for Airbnb and National Geographic. You can find a full case-study for the project here on the Lumaforge website and learn how we triumphed over a ferociously tight timeline.

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Thomas Ligotti’s IN A FOREIGN TOWN premieres at LA Shorts

We are thrilled to announce that IN A FOREIGN TOWN, our short film based on the works of acclaimed author Thomas Ligotti, will be having its World Premiere at the LA SHORTS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL.

The screening will take place on Saturday, July 28th at 3:15 at the Laemmle NoHO7 in North Hollywood.

TICKETS can be purchased at the Laemmle’s website. Please reference Program #16

Written and Directed by Michael Shlain, IN A FOREIGN TOWN stars Yuri Lowenthal (SPIDER-MAN PS4, BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS), Tony Amendola (ONCE UPON A TIME, ANNABELLE), David Rees Snell (S.W.A.T., THE SHIELD) and Jack McGraw (GODLESS).

The short film was created as a proof-of-concept for a television series currently in development.

Stay tuned to your favorite Butcher Bird news feed for more updates on the short film, the series and how you can get involved to help us bring existential horror to the world.

In the meantime, to learn more about Thomas Ligotti and order his books, visit Penguin Random House.

Do not avert your eyes. This is no dream. You’re all going to see everything.

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Kigurumi in the Wild

We’re happier than a hippo in a mud bath to announce that a segment we created for Nat Geo Wild will be airing as part of their comedy variety special, Wild After Dark this Saturday, June 30th at 8pm PT/ 11pm ET.

The project began when the Tongal creative agency challenged content-makers around the world to come up with “off-the-wall and experimental animal-centric shorts” for National Geographic’s special, Wild After Dark. The timeline was short and the budget was tight, but this was an opportunity we didn’t want to pass up.

Our concept was to shoot a series of true-to-form nature documentaries with dry, David Attenborough-style narration, stunning stock footage, and entertaining yet informative animal factoids. The only difference? The subjects wouldn’t be actual animals, they’d be people in Japanese kigurumi animal costumes.

Tongal and National Geographic were delighted by the concept, and asked us to deliver two three-minute kigurumi sketches in just under four weeks (which also happens to be the average gestation time of platypus eggs.)  However in the world of production, this was the equivalent of a cheetah’s top velocity while chasing a gazelle.

We pitched the general concept on a Tuesday, it was approved at 5 PM that Friday, and we turned around the two complete (factually accurate!) scripts for the sketches just three days later.

After the National Geographic research team vetted our content for accuracy (and ensured that any references to lobster urine would be tastefully executed), both pieces were shot in a single production day a week later. Post was complete a mere week after that.

Filming on location at the Old Zoo in Griffith Park and on our soundstage in Glendale, we simulated both the wilds of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley and the bottom of the ocean for our respective skits,  traveling to the heart of Africa and the deepest depths of coastal Maine in a single day. Thanks to our talented team of comedic actors in front of the camera and our hardworking crew behind the scenes, everything came together exactly as we dreamed, and we’re thrilled to be able to share the results with the world.

Make sure to tune in Saturday night for a fun (and educational) evening.  We’ll have bats, baboons and other adorable fuzzy surprises all on Nat Geo Wild at 8 PM PT / 11 PM ET!

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Reggie Watts and Butcher Bird Studios to Live Stream Fully Improvised Half Hour Episode of a Very Special Crowe’s Nest

GO TO youtube.com/reggiewatts Thursday, May 24th at 9 PM to watch LIVE!

The FAMILY SITCOM is so ingrained in our squeakyclean American cultural landscape that it’s pretty much its own language, replete with its own cadences, internal logic, and chasmal distance from reality. REGGIE WATTS and his team of improvisers have learned to speak sitcom, and aim to cast its hypnotic magic over a waiting online audience in real time… in a live episode of CROWE’S NEST!

On THURSDAY, MAY 24th AT 9 PM Reggie Watts and Butcher Bird Studios will be live-streaming a fully-improvised episode of Watts’ CROWE’S NEST, first featured on his hit Netflix special Spatial. The episode will reunite the original cast: REGGIE WATTS (The Late Late Show with James Corden; Comedy Bang! Bang!), RORY SCOVEL (I Feel Pretty; Those Who Can’t) and KATE BERLANT (High Maintenance; Another Period). It will be executive produced by LUIS REYES and directed by STEVEN CALCOTE.

This will be a 100% improvised show – and the first of its kind in the live streaming domain. No script or dialogue will have been set up beforehand. The cast will arrive a few minutes before the show begins and the rest will be a spontaneous display of improv magic.

There will be a PRE-SHOW starting about 8 PM that will feature the set and the crew getting prepped, during which director CALCOTE and producer REYES, along with other BUTCHER BIRD STUDIOS crew members, will talk through the whole process. And there will be a POST-SHOW directly following the episode that will most likey be just as improvised as the show itself!

CROWE’S NEST will stream through YouTube via Watts’ YouTube page, as well as several other streaming platforms, including SUPER DELUXE, which will also be providing an interactive social media overlay. DIGITAL DOMAIN will also be streaming a VR version live. More details on specific distribution platforms forthcoming.

BUTCHER BIRD STUDIOS will stream the event live from its Glendale studio. Also involved is production designer GARY KORDAN as a set consultant, and ANNA WENGER (Billy on the Street; Brockmire) as a consulting producer


REGGIE WATTS is an iconoclastic comedian/musician, who has appeared on Comedy Bang! Bang!, The Late Late Show with James Corden, The Electric Company, as well as countless other television shows and movies. His comedy special Spatial can currently be seen on Netflix. Watts averages over 100,000 social media followers.

RORY SCOVEL is a writer for The Eric Andre Show, as well as an actor on Tru TV’s Those Who Can’t along with many other shows. His comedy special Rory Scovel Tries Standup for the First Time can currently be seen on Netflix. And he also appears alongside Amy Schumer in I Feel Pretty, in theatres now.

KATE BERLANT was celebrated by the New York Times as a “magnetic improvisational comic,” Berlant is an experimental comedian, actor and writer who has appeared in many TV shows including Ghosted, BoJack Horseman, and Transparent. She is also featured in her own episode of Netflix Presents: The Characters.

BUTCHER BIRD STUDIOS – Butcher Bird Studios is a creative media company that has worked in film, television, industrials, commercials and the digital space, for clients such as Boeing, Intel, Viacom, and National Geographic, among many others. One of the studio’s calling cards is its adoption and pioneering of new media technology: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and, of course, Live Streaming.

ANNA WENGER (Consulting Executive Producer) ran production at Funny or Die for six years. She also served as showrunner on the wildly popular Billy on the Street, along with countless comedy specials and digital series, working with comedians such as Sarah Silverman, Chris Gethard, T.J. Miller, Zach Galifianakis among many others.

LUIS REYES (Executive Producer) has worked extensively in both the live theater world and the screen entertainment world. He’s collaborated to create pilots with comedian Brian Regan, and the creators of The Nanny, among many others. He is also the creator and producer of the popular live stage anthology serial True Crime in Los Angeles.

GARY KORDAN (Consulting Production Designer) is an award-winning production designer who has worked on some of the biggest comedy shows around, including Key and Peele, @Midnight, Workaholics, TV Land’s Teachers, among many others. And Kordan also designed the strange and wonderful set for Reggie Watts’ Netflix special Spatial.

STEVEN CALCOTE (Director) has directed film and commercials all over the world
and is notable for how he incorporates new media technology into his work. Recently he has directed live stream shows for Airbnb, Nat Geo, QuickBooks, and his original narrative live streamed sci-fi series Orbital Redux will launch later this year.

For more information contact LUIS REYES at luis@butcherbirdstudios.com.
For interview requests contact asst@wallmanpr.com

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