Pocket Play Previews

We’ve been making lots of preview trailers for mobile games over the last year or so. These primarily tend to be post jobs consisting of editing, animation, and motion graphics. On occasion we will shoot some original footage to be cut in or comped into the game world (one fun example involved dancing people in costumes, a plush monkey, and a cardboard robot). For a recent release, Dungeon Link, we not only created the trailer, but also animated various in-game cinematics. We should be wrapping up a couple more videos shortly. Below is a playlist of several that have been completed and released.

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Stand Up Guy


That show-off Travis Stevens keeps directing cool stuff. We’ve been working on a sketch comedy TV pilot for comedian Brian Regan since last summer, handling production and post. The last bit of principal photography wrapped recently and we are chugging through editorial now. Scenes were shot in many locations throughout Los Angeles and feature guest stars such as Tim Bagley and Tara O-Brien. To tackle the challenges of the shoots, we embraced various shooting formats and approaches ranging from GH4s paired with Atomos Shoguns for multi-cam setups to RED Epic Dragon single-cam rigs. We are happy to help fill the world with more narrative funny entertainment. If you get the chance, see Brian live, it’s a good time.

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To the Skies



The steampunk short we’ve been teasing for awhile is complete. Topsy McGee vs. the Sky Pirates will be screening at Le Marche du Film at Cannes and at the New York International Film Festival. Follow Victorian adventurer Topsy McGee as she commandeers an airship in order to save her husband from sky pirates. Topsy is another Monkey Kingdom/BBird joint written and starring Tara Platt & Yuri Lowenthal and directed by our esteemed Travis Stevens (that boy has been busy). Check out the trailer below, then get your airline miles sorted so you can head to France or New York and see it on a big screen. That’s the best way to enjoy the rad DIY airships.


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The Complete Package

Remember that show we made with Monkey Kingdom Productions about toys doing inappropriate things to each other? You know, the one with the weird baby-faced zombies? The one with the talking snake with samurai swords? The one with the superhero who keeps trying to bang his sister? The one where the Bambi doll gets run down by her own pink remote control toy car? The one where you get to see Yuri Lowenthal’s bare ass? Right, that one: Shelf Life.

Now you can own it on your mobile device: all episodes (even the unreleased bonus episodes) and a bunch of bonus materials. Get it on the Apple Store.

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Koo Koo


If you’ve rocked out to songs about fanny packs and dinosaurs at the Vans Warped Tour, then you are probably familiar with Koo Koo Kanga Roo. If you aren’t, Butcher Bird Studios would like to change that.

Our beloved Travis Stevens is directing a sizzle piece for their children’s television show. Produced by Linda Morel and written by Tara O’Brien, the interactive dance party duo of Bryan and Neil bring their Koo Koo stylings to a summer camp. We spent a potentially rainy day at the Griffith Park Camp for Boys herding 30+ children into classic scenes with the Koo Koo boys, Kathryn Burns, and Michael Silva. In the end, we skipped the rain and brought the sunshine. We even let Steven Moreno play Director of Photography because he was on such good behavior.

Koo Koo Kanga Roo is an American comedic dance-pop duo from Minneapolis, Minnesota, consisting of vocalists Bryan (Bryan Atchison) and Neil (Neil Olstad). They are often described as “The Beastie Boys meet Sesame Street.” Check them out at kookookangaroo.com.


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