2010 WeHo Book Fair


The four of us forming Butcher Bird Studios have been working together for a while now. But, this project will always hold a special spot for me. It was our first official gig as Butcher Bird Studios. The City of West Hollywood hired us to bring a fresh look to the television ad for their Ninth Annual Book Fair.

Moodoo Puppets and Upright Citizens Brigade’s Luka Jones. Sounds like a good time.

Starring: Luka Jones and Terrence, the Space Monkey
Puppeteer: Michael Moodoo of Moodoo Puppets

Producer/Digital Transfer: Michael Shlain
Producer/Assistant Director: Steven Calcote
Producer: Travis Stevens
Director of Photography: Chris Ernst
Production Sound/Post Sound: Benjamin Chan
Wardrobe: Stephanie Stevens
Hair/Make-up: Joanna Berdzinska
Production Assistant: Nicholas Veneroso
Production Assistant: Kevin Bellante
Stills Photography: Paul Ehrlich
Director/Producer/VFX: Jason Milligan (Fourchinnigan)

Shot on Canon 7D
Edited and Composited with Adobe products

Special Thanks:
The City of West Hollywood, Rare Bird Lit, Luis Reyes, Tyson Cornell, Yuri Lowenthal, Tara Platt, Steven Moreno, Alisa Schulz, Amy Calcote, Roz Helfand, Carrie LaFerle, Corey Roskin, and anyone else involved.

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Butcher Bird Studios is Live


Perhaps the Mayan prophecy will be accurate and the world is coming to an end in December of 2012. I can think of nothing more foreboding than the formation of production company Butcher Bird Studios and the melding of the dark talents of its despicable members: Steven Calcote, Jason Milligan, Michael Shlain, and Travis Stevens. Website butcherbirdstudios.com describes their quest as:

Butcher Bird Studios is a production company that creates kick-ass commercials, viral spots, shorts, and a wide variety of visual entertainment using the most innovative filmmaking tools available. From 4K RED shoots to the latest HDSLR guerilla run-‘n-guns, we do a helluva lot with less than you thought possible.

Start stockpiling canned goods, folks.

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